Ceramic Crowns

For patients looking for a much more natural look, without dark metal lines or dull grey tones, Ceramic Crowns may be the answer.

Not every tooth can be crowned with use of Ceramics as in some cases stresses are too high. Gold crowns still have an advantage in high stress situations. We analyze every patients bite to determine what crown would work best for their specific situation.

Two of the most popular all ceramic materials used today are named Procera and Emperess. Procera® AllCeram comprises crown and bridgework and laminates made of dense-sintered, aluminumoxide frameworks veneered with AllCeram Porcelain. Procera® AllCeram is a strong and beautiful restoration for all positions in the mouth. 7-10 year clinical results prove that Procera® AllCeram has the same as Porcelain Metal crowns. For more info see http://www.procera.com.

A proven ceramic alternative to metallic restorations, IPS Empress offers patient satisfaction with aesthetic, natural looking restorations, by the exclusive use of ceramic materials. Individually colored tooth restorations can be reproduced in exact shape and shade. The result is an individually fabricated restoration with an excellent fit and all the characteristics of a natural tooth.