Ceramic Fillings

We provide all our patients with high quality composite “white” filling material, also known as ceramic fillings.

  • While one of the advantages of ceramic fillings is that they “look good” there are many important scientific reasons for using them in place of Silver Mercury Metal fillings.
  • Composite fillings are proven to last as long as metal fillings with less likelihood of fracturing natural tooth structure.
  • Ceramic fillings actually BOND to your tooth and truly restore strength to a broken or cavity filled tooth.
  • Ceramic fillings are easy to repair and if another cavity ever does occur under or around the edge of a composite filling the entire filling does not have to be removed to be repaired.
  •  Unlike metal fillings, that block out x-rays, Problems around or under composite fillings can be viewed on x-ray pictures before they get too large preventing more expensive and extensive dental treatment.
  • Environment Canada has indicated that environmental mercury levels are on the rise and need to be cut down. Our office is concerned about the environment and has chosen not to add to environmental mercury levels by eliminating their use in our office.