Cosmetic dentistry is our passion.

We focus on the latest Smile Design techniques, materials and technology, and are dedicated to continuing education courses specific to Smile Design and facial rejuvenation. We have also been providing Botox Cosmetic and a number of IPL and laser skin technologies to optimize our facial aesthetic outcomes since 2005.

Part of your initial exam at our office includes a Smile analysis, and Dr. Newitt, Kim or Tammy would be happy to discuss all the options available for providing you with the smile you have always dreamed of. We would also be happy to discuss Implants, Orthodontics, Veneers, Crowns, Botox Cosmetic, IPL and laser treatments and how they could help you achieve the results you may be looking for in facial rejuvenation.

 Initially Smile Design consists of a series of records, that include, a full dental exam, radiographs (X-rays), digital photographs, and impressions for study models. With this information, Dr. Newitt and the team at Frontier Dental Labs will work with you to create a Diagnostic Wax Up. The Wax up is the blue-print and starting point to your new smile and one of the most important steps in Smile Design.

 At this stage an incredible amount of information, both scientific and artistic, is related between Dr. Newitt and Frontier Labs, to ensure your smile is both beautiful, and natural in appearance. Once you have decided to make your dream Smile a reality, we will proceed to the preparation stage of treatment. At this appointment, we will shape your teeth to allow for Veneer placement and take impressions for Veneer customization and fabrication. Before you leave we will place temporary Veneers on your teeth so you can give your new smile a trial run.

 While in the temporary stage you can get a good feel for your new smile and we can make adjustments to fine tune the final look. Once you are happy with the appearance of your temporary Veneers we will move to final Veneers. In your final appointment we will provide you with the highest quality, natural looking Veneers available and you can start enjoying your new Veneers and all the benefits that come along with a Beautiful Smile.